1/2 Ton, E Series

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Hi! Stude fans,

This page is dedicated to my Dad's 1955 Studebaker Pickup.

Dad bought this 1/2 ton pickup new in 1955, it has the Champion Flathead engine, Three speed on the tree with Over Drive. Dad ordered the pickup with 16" wheels and ELECTRIC Wipers, but no radio. The Owners manual and wheel caps are long gone.

I FOUND the bill-of-sale

and ordered a copy of the Original Studebaker Build Sheet

from The Studebaker Museum. I wish i could find some pictures of when the truck was new.

I learned how to drive in this truck and drove it when I took my driving test in 1970. This was my Dating Wheels, my wife says I wouldn't have got a date with her if I came in this to pick her up!

Dad and I converted the truck to a 12 volt Chrysler alternator system in about 1978. Dad had me repaint the truck in 1981 in my garage. I am surprised that the job looks this good after 26 years of being out in the weather.

Click on the pictures for full size images.

In loving memory of my Dad.

DeWayne N. Anderson

December 25, 1905 -- May 7, 1990.

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